Message from Justin Trudeau

It's time for new leadership in this country

It's time for new leadership in this country. Canada is a grand, unfinished project and it's up to all of us to build the country we want. But it's not just about having a different government; it's about electing a better government. One that works with Canadians to shape our best instincts into an even better country. For nearly a decade, the Conservatives have taken us in a direction most Canadians don’t want to go. And now's the time to change that direction. It's time to pull together to build better lives for each other - and a better Canada. I'm committed to growing the middle class and giving every Canadian a real and fair chance to succeed. I know we can do this, but I'm going to need your help. I need your energy and your passion. Your idealism and your ideas. And of course, I need your hope and hard work. This is an important moment for Canada.  We’re building the team and the plan that’s focused on Canadians, and our momentum is undeniable. As more people hear our positive message of change and vision for this country’s future, they’re getting on board - and I’m inviting you to join us.

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