A new leadership for Canada

I love this country and I want to serve it. I am running because I believe Canada wants and needs new leadership. The Conservative government is taking this country in a direction most Canadians don’t want it to go. We need a vision for our future grounded not in the politics of envy or mistrust. One that understands, despite all the blessings beneath our feet, that our greatest strength is above ground, in our people. A vision that pulls all Canadians together to build better lives for each other, a better Canada.

I was born into a unique circumstance. I owe a great deal to Canada and to Canadians. I really believe in the old adage that from he to whom much is given, much is required. I’ve been given a lot. But I don’t expect anybody to support me because of who my father was. I intend to earn it. The way to earn it is to work hard, day after day, month after month, year after year.

I have said before that it’s the middle class, not the political class, which unifies this country. We need national leadership that lives and breathes that reality. Leadership that makes the case for the whole country, every day, with deeds more than words.

This may be old fashioned, but part of what it means to be a citizen is to step up and serve when you think you can make a positive difference. This is one of those times. And the Liberal Party of Canada, together with its current members and its new members and supporters to come, is ready to make that positive difference again.

We have a long road ahead of us. I am going to need your strength, energy and support. This is an important moment for Canada. Let’s stand together and be heard. I hope you will stand with us.

Be part of the change. Become a member or a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada today.