Public Statements

In the coming months, I will be traveling the country talking with Canadians about the challenges, concerns and issues that affect us all. As part of this process, I intend to share my views about what I’m hearing and how I think we can overcome these challenges together. I hope to generate positive, open and constructive debate. Please read, contribute and be part of the change. Thanks.

“Thank you. All of you. For your trust. For your hope. For choosing to be part of this movement we’re building.”> More

“It’s time we took education more seriously as a driver of economic success and security right across the country. We know that seven out of ten of Canada’s future new jobs will require post-secondary education. A Liberal Party led by me would make it the highest national economic priority to raise our post-secondary education rate to 70% of Canadians.”  > More

“These proposed reforms, when taken together, will make the Liberal Party one of the most democratic parties in the world.. They will give Canadians confidence that the Liberal candidates they elect will represent their views in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s views to them.”  > More

“We (Canadians) have come to a new realization, together: that a country can be great not in spite of its diversity, but because of its diversity. When people come together to create opportunities for one another, the dreams we hold in common will crowd out the fears that would divide us. For it is not the political class, but the middle class, that unites this country.” > More

“Because we have failed to make the case for trade, Canadians are understandably anxious. Because we failed to ensure that the middle class participates in the growth created by trade, support for it has recently broken down.” > More

“More than anyone, young people are invested in our country’s success; more than anyone, they bear the risk of failure. Our task now is to give voice to their aspirations, to summon a new generation of leaders to give life to the Canadian promise, and to make the Liberal Party of Canada the vehicle for fresh new ideas and bold new dreams.”  > More

“I believe in a Canada that offers success to all of its citizens, a Canada where people who work hard can look forward to a decent standard of living, and better prospects ahead for themselves and their children. The people whose common values bind this country together have been left out long enough.”   > More

“I am running because I believe this country wants and needs new leadership. A vision for Canada’s future grounded not in the politics of envy or mistrust. One that understands, despite all the blessings beneath our feet, that our greatest strength is above ground, in our people. All Canadians, pulling together, determined to build a better life, a better Canada.”  > More