Ryerson University students meet with Justin while in Ottawa

November 8, 2012

“I really enjoyed my time with politics and governance students from Ryerson University. The intelligence, motivation and energy of the students made the room come alive. Their questions revealed their interest in a variety of important subjects ranging from democratic reform to the Omnibus bills and our Canadian Forces. They are interested in the decisions that are taken in their name in Ottawa and they are definitely curious about the process and the substance of politics. I was, as I always am, inspired by their passion and their enthusiasm and impressed with their level of knowledge. I look forward to more of these conversations with Canadians across this country to hear about their hopes and aspirations, their concerns and their daily challenges. This is an important moment for Canada. Speak up, join in the conversation and be part of the change. I’m listening!”


Justin speaks to students from Ryerson University while in Ottawa.